By letting all connected companies in a voyage share the same information, saves a lot of time for them. Now they don't individually have to keep track of all the changes and documents.

Time is money - use

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  • Tired of compiling excel-documents from different suppliers/buyers/customers?
  • Tired of not having access to your voyages when out of office?
  • Tired of doing something you know somebody else have already done?
  • Tired of tones of e-mails just telling you that nothing has changed?
  • Tired of searching for a document to a certain vessel?

Then is for you!

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Do you want an easy-to-use system?
Do you always want access to the latest information?
Do you want someone else to store all shipping documents?

Then use!

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Welcome to

The system is an internet based database to easily share information regarding dry bulk shipments. connects buyer, supplier, ship owner and port agents so all involved parties always have the same information.

You DO NOT have to install any difficult programs to use - it can be used everywhere as long as you have an internet connection.